Latest Interview

Hello everyone,

Hope you are ejnoying your week. Yesterday my interview at the amazing The Palette Pages was published online.

Very happy with their words about my work, the presentation and how little editing they have done to my words!

Visit the link for more:

Hope you guys like it

Have a great Friday


Great surprise from Portugal

Hello everyone

Doing the usual searching myself on youtube (as some artist do) I found this really amazing video, made by a fan in Portugal.




Are you experienced?

Hello everyone,

it’s been months since my last guitar design for Marlow Guitars. This next one was going to be a challenge, to depict the God of Guitar, the greatest of them all!
VODOO CHILD was born influenced by all the amazing colours of Hendrix’s music and virtuosity!

I hope I paid a respectful homage to this great man!

Hope you like it


PicsArt_27_09_2014 11_16_32

PicsArt_27_09_2014 11_14_44[1]PicsArt_27_09_2014 10_53_31PicsArt_26_09_2014 11_23_52PicsArt_25_09_2014 09_21_04

Come back

Hello everyone,

now that Summer is coming to an end here in London, is time to pick up from where I left before the amazing holidays. ‘Awakening’ , Black and Red biro combined. Very challenging, but very rewarding!



Francesco Jacobello_Awakening_September_2014_black and Red Biro 85 x 60 cm


Hello everyone,

What an amazing 3 weeks! As said in my last post, I was taking some time to re-energize and get inspired. And what better place than my homeland, the wonderful Sicily! The amazing palaces, the lavish decorations, the colourful and powerful designs, the exquisite ceramic from Caltagirone, the amazing hills and sights. And crowing all that, the great Mount Etna and the power of Nature. All parts of myself that will stay with me as long as I live!
It was not only very emotional seeing old friends, family (the old and the new members) but also getting to see the new generation of Sicilian artists that I am sure will make a huge impact in years to come!
But it was also a trip through my Artistic development, looking at old works, different styles, my ceramic works, my many faces and perspectives! Here are some shots that I want to share with you, which I hope you will like! Now I am fired up to start working on my new projects and laying the path to a great second half of 2014!

Enjoy it




Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your week. It’s been quite a while since my last post and this is will be probably my last post for July: after a busy 5 weeks, as the mythological Phoenix , I am going to take some time to recreate and recharge myself. Visiting roots, family, being on my own but surrounded by those who I love and love me! Nothing better after such a successful start for 2014!! But that took a lot of effort, energy, concentration and, why not, passion!

That does not mean I will not work! WORK IS NON-STOP ON THESE SHORES!!! But it means it is time to start new projects and carry on the old ones with renewed energy.

First, I started working on a new biro (black and red) work entitled ‘AWAKENING’ which is not only taking longer than usual, but I AM taking every step very carefully, a challenge when your brain has thousands of plans for the ‘next stage’. Then I am embarking on a new project: COLLABORATIONS. This is a new series of drawings which will witness one of the most challenging steps in any artist’s career: to collaborate with another artist. The first was the very successful partnership with my nephew Francesco Lo Castro, and I have now started working on the second. Names and shapes will come and I will make sure to keep you all posted!


Enjoy your holidays, I will certainly enjoy mine!


Thanks everyone for the support and amazing energy! Time to recharge



imageimageimageFrancesco Jacobello & Lo Castro - EntangledWP_20140725_12_01_10_Pro__highresWP_20140725_12_13_05_Pro__highres



Hello everyone,

Hope the rain in London hasn’t stopped the Summer high spirits! Here I am having a great weekend with 3 concurrent shows in London:

- Marlow Art Guitars at the Muse Gallery

- From the Stars and Beyond at Uxbridge Library

- Summer Solstice Show at the WestBank Gallery and Westbourne Park Tube Station

I am not only very proud but also feel really that London has taken my art and expression, not only due to the number of shows this summer (with Movement Artworks Exhibition opening this coming Friday at the Muse Gallery, where my work Yin and Yang V2 will be displayed alongside amazing works by other great talents in the London art scene!).


hope you can enjoy any of this shows! Thanks London and everyone for their support, encouragement and vibes!

have a great weekend




SUMMERTIME … and the livin’ is easy

Hello everyone,

Summer is really starting on a high note. Yesterday I went to the private view of the ArtBelow’s Summer Solstice Exhibition, where ‘L’eterno Movimento’ is being featured, visited Westbourne Park station, where a poster of the work has been allocated a very nice spot for thousands of commuters to enjoy.

Monday will see the opening of a one week show with Marlow Guitars and the West London Factory at the Muse Gallery on Portobello Road, which in July will also see a collective exhibition of Movement Artworks (and I will be joining both exhibitions!) and last but not least I will be reviving my From the Stars (and beyond) Exhibition at Uxbridge Library next week.

So starting with the pictures from last evening I hope you enjoy and invite everyone to come and see it live if you can!


Have a great summer



WP_20140621_19_10_06_Pro[1] WP_20140621_19_09_22_Pro[1] WP_20140621_19_17_11_Pro[1]

WP_20140621_19_34_00_Pro[1] WP_20140621_20_20_28_Pro[1] WP_20140621_20_17_59_Pro[1]


Dear All,

I am very glad to join the amazing Artbelow exhibition this Saturday at the Westbank Gallery!!!!

If you are in London from the 21st June, please come and enjoy the show, and also posters of all artworks will be featuring at Westbourne Park Tube Station for two weeks! A great Summer of Art!

Here is the invitation, please do come!!!!

Hope to see you there





Good morning everyone,

I recently challenged myself to produce a work in partnership with another artist. And for this first collaboration I decided to look to an artist very close to home, actually could not be closer: Miami based visual artist Francesco Lo Castro (, who happens to be my nephew.

It is a compliment and at the same a challenge for both of us to keep our styles and blend them to create something unique. With that in mind, ‘Entangled’ was born! Still developing stages but an amazing start for what promises to be a very exciting collaboration!


Enjoy the rest of your week



Francesco Jacobello & Lo Castro - Entangled


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