Ritratti Scritti exhibition – from 25th August

‘Ritratti Scritti’
Written Portraits

Francesco Jacobello returns to Shenflied Library to present his latest series ‘Ritratti Scritti’ (Written Portraits). The name came naturally as a contrast to a previous series of works, Ritratti Astratti (Abstract Portraits), and the desire to revisit one of Francesco’s favourite working instruments: the black biro pen. The pen, so commonly associate with writing. Writing documents, shopping lists, signing contracts but also writing letters, especially letters of Love.

Francesco’s decision to return to one of his ‘fortes’ was natural: a new exponent of the figurative contemporary art willing to work in one of his best medias and exploring more and more the possibilities, with the addition of other materials and ideas. The portrait is a way of transferring the reality of the three dimensions into the two dimensional world of drawing, and from there, to expand.The series started with the simplest combination to communicate in the most direct way: the black biro alone on white paper. New works were born and old ones, revisited (Riflessioni, Wild horses, Hypnotized and Roxanna). From that point, the artist re-invention and desire to expand urged him to new ways (Agata, Yin & Yang, Lyve and Clessidra). Materials were not scarce: pencil pastels, coloured pencils, acrylic and even different kinds of papers added intensity and beauty in this next stage, and inspiration came from the known and the unknown. It was evolving to a great experiment with shapes, forms, feelings and ideas. In Francesco’s own words ‘the attempt to eternalize a moment, a glimpse or the feeling’ with his own Art. This ‘feeling’ is the secret behind every image, and a journey that takes us into our own emotions, feeling and glimpses of life. The choice for this exhibition came after great feedback from Francesco’s involvement in the Art in Mind Series at London’s Brick Lane Gallery last year and the seven works selected for the exhibition give a clear feeling of a series that has evolved to 15 finished works.Ritratti Scritti is not about portraying beautiful images and intense looks, is the artist’s way to write his letters, to give to everyone of us his most intense and passionate, but at the same time with balance and poise. These are the letters to one’s beloved. And each one of us, when standing against this works and exercising our powers of observation, can feel something of this great Love for life.
by Arturo Viola

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2 responses

  1. Sissel Marlen Solem

    I would love to be there as a super fan from Norway. ❤ This is very beautiful written portrait Arturo. Bless you this wonderful gift of love! xxx

    August 16, 2012 at 7:32 am

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