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Latest video: Sguardi

Hello everyone,

hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. It was a nice surprise to see this video developing into shape and having another dimension of my works. Sguardi focus on the eyes and stares of people who have inspired me to make art.

Hope you like it





Hometown Glory

Hello everyone

came through this very nice picture of the early 1900’s take in Sicily and inspired me to visit my birth place, its people, its symbols and traditions.

A great addition to the Graphitology Series: Siciliana

have a great weekend everyone



Foto 02-12-2012 00 24 27

Foto 02-12-2012 11 40 53


International Contemporary Artists

Hello everyone,

great news from NYC today, the 5th volume of the ICA book has just arrived and I feature on it.

Thanks for everyone’s support and helping this dream coming true!




Exhibition coming soon!

Hello everyone,

poster ready and work underway for what promises to be a busy month of January: two simultaneous exhibitions in two venues around London and Essex.

All invited to attend.





New work, new inspiration

Hello everyone.

I hope you like the surprise of the new work in ‘Graphitology’.

Wishing you all a nice weekend.



Holiday break with art!

Hello everyone,

after a nice time in Bath and even some unexpected snow the latest creation from Graphitology comes along very nicely.

Hope you enjoy it too

have a great week