FROM THE STARS: CROYDON CLICK CLOCK GALLERY 21st January – 5th February 2013



Francesco Jacobello

This colourful series of drawings started around 2008. It is the 3rd time I approach the Zodiac Signs in my work.

The first series was created between 1999 and 2000, when I decided to use glass paint on plexiglass as my basic technique. The works were exhibited at a gallery in Caltagirone (Sicily), a town famous for its production of fine ceramics and pottery.

Eight years later, a series in white pastel on black paper came to life to be followed by this 3rd series.

My fascination with the Zodiac and constellations has been with me since I can remember…

Because of the flexibility effect and finally the crisp and striking result, I decided to work with mixed media on this series: “Black biro pen, ink and pastels on core colour paper.”

The choice of different background colours was suggested by the four Elements of each Star Sign: “ FIRE, WATER, AIR and EARTH”, except for Scorpio, where I deliberately chose a bright yellow background. First, because I wanted to bring to a greater prominence this misinterpreted Star Sign and also I wanted to treat myself, as this is the Constellation I was born under.

Finally I hope that in my interpretation of each Star Sign you will recognize some of your own personal characteristics.

Then from a later series, STUDI CLASSICI, comes a work influenced by a sculpture from the Renaissance artist Giambologna, currently at the V&A Museum in London and by far my favourite classical work in that collection.


Francesco Jacobello

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