Good morning,

I was anxious for this last Saturday’s event at Debut Contemporary. It’s called ‘Meet the Artist’.

It is quite an innovative way to invite general members of the public to get closer to Art and the Artist, but also to give Art Collectors, Art Critics and Art Lovers a time to spend to get to know the person behind the Art.

I was selected by the Gallery to take part on yesterday’s event. I was nervous, excited but above all a little bit ‘lost in translation’ because I did not know what to expect. It is not a press conference, a private viewing or an event that you know who is going to attend.

You are there, on a window at the front of a Gallery. You are facing the audience and inviting them to get to know your art better and at the same time you have to work to show what your art is made of. Sounded scary and exciting all in one go. Like just jumping from a trampoline and not sure if you are going to land at all.

But I landed there yesterday and it was FANTASTIC. The sensation you have to see people you have never seen before stopping their daily Saturday routine to appreciate what you have to offer is UNIQUE. WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY.

Here are some images (thanks to Arturo Viola and Damian Thomas for the pictures)


Have a great day


imageimageimageimageDSCN3881imageDSCN3884francesco meet the artist by Mr TDSCN3896francesco2 by DTfrancesco3with group by DTfrancesco3 by DTDSCN3889


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  1. Bravo!!!

    May 19, 2013 at 9:22 am

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