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Hello everyone,

after a some hard work this week with the art clubs, London Pride yesterday, I resumed working on my latest drawing: DAYDREAM. Using pencil, pastels on paper, is a work that is bringing a lot of challenges and also a lot of pleasure; experimenting even further with the graphite, this will be a nice addition to  the ‘Graphitology’ Series.

Hope you enjoy

Have a great week




Good morning everyone,

first moments of Summer in the UK. The Sun, trying to shine through , brings a new cycle to all of us. It was with that spirit that this week brought the latest work in the Graphitology: VOLATILE. Just finished.

I am very happy and proud of this new drawing.

Hope you like it as well

Have a great weekend and enjoy it




Hello everyone,

after some hard work, the latest piece is coming together nicely: VOLATILE. I am using pencil and pastels on paper and now going for bigger dimensions (130 x 75 cm).

A lot of work, but really rewarding.

hope you enjoy it




Great year so far !!!

Hello everyone,

2013 has been  a very important year in my career. Not only I have been selected to work with Debut Contemporary, London’s trendiest and most inspiring new gallery, but also had a very successful exhibition in Croydon in January.

And the good news do not stop here. Next month I am taking part in a wonderful exhibition called Memorabilia, in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Curated by my fellow artist Carne Griffiths, it will feature artworks and other items that bring us child memories by artists such as Carne himself and David Bray. Very proud to be working with these great new talents in the London art scene and supporting such a great cause!


The works selected are two portraits of two nieces:  Mariapaola and Vincenza.



For those who can attend, more information can be found at:

Hope to see you there

Enjoy your weekend and looking forward to sharing this experience with you all



Great music to inspire art

Hello everyone,

probably some of you are wondering what happened this last week?  Well, we all need some break and I had some days off, and also enjoyed a great concert by Depeche Mode.

And my particular favourite moment was the performance of the single ‘Home’, which reminded me of my video featuring the Graphitology Series and this classic song. So I thought I would share with you all.

Some developments of work coming on the next post!

Have a great week