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Summer is really with us in the UK, great sunny and hot days. Good to work but also to enjoy some time to relax.

Last week I got an unexpected and unique commission, the first in my career: to design a work that would be made, later, into  a tattoo. It came from a German fan and the challenge was to concentrate on the lines and work carefully on the effects, to avoid any problems when it transferred to the skin.

It has been a great challenge, and so far I’ve been enjoying every moment of it. Once the work is finished (the drawing and the tattoo) I will post pictures here as well.

Enjoy the weekend, whatever you do






Hello everyone,

In the middle of  this heat wave that arrive last weekend in London and the opening evening of Memorabilia Exhibition, I managed somehow to finish my latest piece, which not only was a nice challenge, but also was one of my first attempts to explore a new surface to work: WOOD.

In OMBRA ROSSA I worked with pencil and pastels on wood. The effects, shading and the colours are not what you are used on paper. It gives a different edge.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Have a good week, wherever you are


Francesco Jacobello OMBRA ROSSA July 2013 66 x 38 cm Pencil and Pastels on wood




Hello everyone,

A very warm weekend and a very ‘hot’ one too: just attended the preview event for the Memorabilia Exhibition 2013, curated by the great Britiwh Artist Carne Grifiths (

It was a pleasure to meet him and see two of my pieces among some amazing contemporary art, all to support a great cause (The Great Ormond Street Hospital) and also support each other artistically.

Here are some pictures for those who could not attend, but for those who can, it will be one for this weekend and sales online will continue after.

Enjoy your weekend and the heat