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Hello everyone,

mid-week is here and a lot of work to do.

Recently I have been challenged to work on a very different surface: the body of a guitar. The outcome were three guitars, which I am very proud to have created. This is the last addition to this series: IN UTERO, an homage to the great poet of grunge, Kurt Cobain.

All guitars will be exhibited soon and yes they will be played as normal instruments, but highly visual ones, too. Thanks to Marlow Guitars for this amazing opportunity.






Hello everyone,

after the very successful project involving painting the iconic Janis Joplin into the body of a guitar, I found myself with another amazing task: this time I had to portrait the Lizard King, Jim Morrison, on the body of a second guitar.

I had a different surface yet again and a different shape (now a Les Paul design) and a white background.

Great challenge, and I am very happy with the outcome as well.

Enjoy it




Hello everyone,

As an artist who has worked with many materials in different surfaces(canvas, wood, paper, ceramics) I found myself with one of the most exciting challenges of my career: to produce an image on a different AND uneven surface. And not only that, the object that I was working on has another purpose further than being ‘the canvas’ to my art, it is a musical instrument as well. An electric guitar

I had worked on Janis Joplin’s iconic image, trying to bring the spirit of the 60’s and 70’s and reflect Janis’s spirit, voice and amazing energy. The guitar has been baptized under one of her most amazing hits ‘Take another little piece of my heart’.

My work is now finished, I now have to wait for the luthier’s final touches, so watch the space!

I hope you enjoy it

Have a great week ahead




Take another little piece of my heart

Great news!


Dear all,

I had some great news this morning which will help to start a weekend of celebration: I have been shortlisted to the First Art Gemini Prize. I am one of 60 artists selected from 744 entries from 33 countries around the world.

It is an honour and immense pleasure to know that in a very tough competition and under very critic eyes of the panel my work stood out !!

Thanks everyone for their support and for believing in my Art!

Have a great weekend,