Hello everyone,

2013 !! What a fantastic year, new frontiers, my first collaboration with a gallery in London and many opportunities, commissions and projects.

2014: a whole new world, and the first great piece of news is a collective exhibition at Pictorem Gallery ( in London from 10th January, where I am going to be joined by amazing emerging talents in the London Art scene: Matthew Vieira, John Clair, HMMM Bates, Ellin Jane and Raj Tattal.

For this show I have selected one of the highlights of my Ritratti Scritti Series:

Lyve (below)


by Matthew Vieira (below):


by Raj Tattal (below):


by John Clair (below):


by Ellin Jane (below):


by HMMM Bates (below):


Hope you enjoy their Art and if you can attend, you are going to be very welcome

Have a great 2014 !!!


2 responses

  1. People like you amaze me. My left brain never knows what my right brain is doing. Or vice versa. I flunked art class in grade school.

    January 4, 2014 at 7:36 pm

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