Hello everyone


Do you remember that favourite song, from your favourite album, by your favourite artist? Then one day you turn on the radio and listen an AWFUL digital remix and you think ‘OH DEAR, WHERE DID IT GO WRONG’?


Forget about that …. remember the day you heard an AMAZING digital remix of a song you love and you think: ‘WHAT HAVEN’T THEY THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?’.

Well, with that thought in mind I went and visited some of my work and using a new gadget and a nice software I managed to recreate some of my works and I am not only very please with the results but also think of adapting some of those concepts into my ‘real life’ work, too.

Hope you enjoy


Wishing you all a great Easter



TRIBALE 2Ying and Yang 2.2Jekyll and Hyde 2014 Remixbetween 2 lungs digital


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