Hello everyone,

After a hard working week to finish my first chess set, I embarked on working on my second challenge for Purling London (, this time taking inspiration from two previous works (‘Di lava e di fuoco’ & ‘Fiori e piume’) and combining them together. This way, the new set ‘FOGLIE E PIUME’ was born!

I decided to take the colours from works I have been know for, and departed from the classics BLACK vs WHITE chess set, giving an edge to this new set. Needless to say, it did present a big craftsmanship test, which I really enjoyed.

Hope you like the results!


Enjoy your Sunday



Di Lava e di Fuoco 21 March 2013WP_20140510_11_42_27_Pro__highres[1]WP_20140512_20_51_26_Pro__highres[1]WP_20140512_20_51_08_Pro__highres[1]WP_20140516_23_43_44_Pro__highres[1]WP_20140517_12_33_47_Pro__highres[1]Francesco Jacobello FIORI E PIUME 42 x 60 cm pencil on paper


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