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Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your week. It’s been quite a while since my last post and this is will be probably my last post for July: after a busy 5 weeks, as the mythological Phoenix , I am going to take some time to recreate and recharge myself. Visiting roots, family, being on my own but surrounded by those who I love and love me! Nothing better after such a successful start for 2014!! But that took a lot of effort, energy, concentration and, why not, passion!

That does not mean I will not work! WORK IS NON-STOP ON THESE SHORES!!! But it means it is time to start new projects and carry on the old ones with renewed energy.

First, I started working on a new biro (black and red) work entitled ‘AWAKENING’ which is not only taking longer than usual, but I AM taking every step very carefully, a challenge when your brain has thousands of plans for the ‘next stage’. Then I am embarking on a new project: COLLABORATIONS. This is a new series of drawings which will witness one of the most challenging steps in any artist’s career: to collaborate with another artist. The first was the very successful partnership with my nephew Francesco Lo Castro, and I have now started working on the second. Names and shapes will come and I will make sure to keep you all posted!


Enjoy your holidays, I will certainly enjoy mine!


Thanks everyone for the support and amazing energy! Time to recharge



imageimageimageFrancesco Jacobello & Lo Castro - EntangledWP_20140725_12_01_10_Pro__highresWP_20140725_12_13_05_Pro__highres