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Hello everyone 

During the ARGOSY Players Show  THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE,    Mr. Tumnus affordable signed prints did really well .

I was so surprised to know that the public who came to enjoy the play, were buying the prints too, I guess to bring home a souvenir and maybe to say ” I WAS THERE “….. They went like hot cakes….!!!

Thank you all and thank you ARGOSY.






I would like to share with my fans this work in progress , a portrait of the Lizard King,  Jim Morrison .

Quite a challenge but very rewarding  process . More pictures coming soon. 

                                                                                                                                                       Mixed media: black #biro,  #pen, #ink, and #pastel, on red paper …..  


~OLD & NEW ~

Dear all

I was contemplating some of my old Drawings and couldn’t help myself to create a connection with my new work…

Needless to say that the idea of celebrating  it all, came to my mind .
Therefore the new Art video ~OLD & NEW~ came to life !

Enjoy my friends…..  

Francesco x

                                                                               ~ OLD   &   NEW ~

                                                                             Francesco   Jacobello