I finally delivered a new commissioned portrait today. 

Anita’s portrait is a black biro pen and ink drawing, A3 size.

I am so pleased to say that she absolutely loved it !!!




I have finally completed a commissioned portrait. Very pleased with the final results, one happy man : me  !

Soon it will fly to its new home : Italy .



imageHello everyone, I am so excited to announce that I will be exhibiting at the most incredible Art show of the year in London…

FLUX Exhibition !

This is a fantastic opportunity  to see me drawing  live also and I hope to see many of you there at the show .



  Fantastic news

A new Art Guitar designed  by myself for Marlow Guitars, featuring the legendary David Bowie will go on display at The Sanctum Soho Hotel from  15th -25th September 2016. 

This will be a great opportunity to view a number of Art Guitars made by well established Guitar maker Steven Marlow and featuring a variety of London Artists.  

Details on the poster. 



Hello everyone

It has been a while since my last post, I hope you are all keeping well !

I am very excited to post my new Prince art guitar, a small tribute for a universal talent that sadly is no longer  with us….

On the other hand, Prince will be forever with us through his music and magic, an incredible performer , a true Star !!


 Prince Art Guitar by Francesco Jacobello

Work in progress.

MI AMO DA SOLA , the video

After a couple of months since my last post , here I am again….

I would like to share with you  the new video  : MI AMO DA SOLA.

Quite a labour of love, taking over a month to complete , mainly drawn in pencil with the add of ink, pastel and gold leaf.

The sound track  chosen for the video is  : HEY NOW by the amazing LODON GRAMMAR.

Enjoy ….



Once again it was lovely meeting my fans at the Uxbridge library yesterday 10th October 2015.

This time I was drawing live on a new piece called MI AMO DA SOLA   

(I love alone) mainly a pencil and charcoal drawing but with a view to add colour….

I was delighted to chat and inspire the public who came to see me, loved chatting with talented children and their parents…. I was surprised by the artistic  focus and knowledge about drawing and shading techniques of an 8 years old boy who came with his mother to see me drawing…

I would like to  thank the public who attended my event , people and friends who helped to make it happen….

Thanks to Zoe, the library staff, Anita, Susan, Keith, Tim, and in particular Darrin Reeves whom in both occasions photographically recorded the MEET THE ARTIST event !

Thank you all 






What an incredible buzz yesterday afternoon at the Uxbridge Library….

To start with, I admit that I was a bit nervous about thinking of standing in front of my easel, trying to look relaxed and carry on drawing…

…knowing that a crowd of spectators were going to look at every move that I was going to make in a very public place like the  beautiful Library in Uxbridge, Greater London !

Well, I couldn’t ask for a better  outcome and experience!

The Library itself has a fantastic atrium exhibition space, I have exhibited there numerous times in the past but to draw live is a different story altogether !

To my amazement, as soon as I started drawing, I was of course in my element…. All set up : The Kurt Cobain Art Guitar that I proudly designed a while ago for Marlow Guitars was beautifully displayed on a table, next to it , an album of  mainly original drawings and signed prints and signed postcards….

There I was , drawing away while I could hear people footsteps behind me, then I knew the public was gathering in !

2 hours of pure : live drawing, interaction with people who had googled my name prior to the event to find out more about my art practice and stuff, loyal Fans who religiously follows me on social media , friends and ex colleagues who traveled for at least 2 hours through the London traffic just to be there to see and support me….

I would like to thank them all by mentioning their first names, they would recognise themselves….

Zoe, Keith, Darrin, Mikala, Malcolm, Helen and Roger, Muriel, the Uxbridge Library staff and of course the public that attended and interacted with me at the event…

Thank you !

Enjoy the photos taken by  filmmaker and friend Darrin Reeves….

See you all again next Saturday 10th October 2015 at Uxbridge library from 2 to 4 pm for the second session of MEET THE ARTIST !




I am so excited to announce that my 2 Art events :  MEET THE ARTIST @ Uxbridge Library are getting closer !

Can’t  hardly wait for October  3rd and October 10 th….

I will be drawing live at the library, so the public and fans can see my drawing techniques , interact and meet me….

This also is a never to be repeated occasion to purchase some original drawings at very modest prices, ranging from £ 5  to £ 35 .

Looking forward to seeing you all there in October….



Hello there 

I just want to share with you all this new commissined portrait, my first Indian lady portrait, it will be a lovely birthday present from her husband…

Francesco x